What you discover when you clean your Bookmarks ?

Have you ever cleaned all the Bookmarks you keep with so much hope of coming back some time in near future.The digital bookmarks are mostly links to websites or articles which you think are TLDR and leave it .

are you one of them who bookmark and never return to it ?

its strange that when we do a cleanup of Bookmarks we discover so many sites which we hoped to see in future as great company and a business but alas the world works in different ways .

what you find when digging into the old Bookmarks is dead site , failed businesses and so many dreams lost.

its also a good idea to clean up the bookmarks now and then to keep yourself abreast with the sites you are following and keeping up with the trends in the subject of your interest it also serves as time machine to once thoughts as well.

so folks out there happy cleaning with your Bookmarks in your Holidays and leisure time !!