365 days and infinite opportunities

365 days and infinite opportunities

Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash

I keep on meeting individuals and companies who are constantly looking for opportunities and candidates who are matching there criteria of a good job and or an opportunity .

With the advent of end of year and the new year the feelings are amplified more since there are holidays for some of you and others are in the middle of there career thinking about what change happening in coming new year .

if you look at the scenario with respect to remote workers and free and open source workers yes now a days i see these terms are used analogous

what we tend to forget is New year and so called New year day is just another day with a new born hope for both the individuals and companies in search of better people and better jobs.

Since the Jobs markets are going to shrink with every coming year and now the markets have further shrunk with the advent of computers taking over lots of jobs , we will continue to see this trend in the coming years.

While that is happening we are still missing on the point and the hope i gave lots of my readers in the title of this article :-)

Yes the jobs are there and to me the very definition of Job it self has to be redefined in this century , while there are trends of Globalization and Slave economy of the 21st century growing manifold there are few who have choosed to live a Nomadic life with not much changed to the way they live and work.

Just to remind everyone its the 21st century we are living in and i dreamt of computers and networks to ease some of the pains of travels to office and give humans the solace of working from anywhere , it has happened to certain extent but still we have the old and new world economy is a state of flux and ultimately the new economy will take over the old one, just like what has happened in the industrial age when many jobs were created and the old jobs were taken over by new ones.

I look at the New Year with the same hope as like any other day of the year, its just that you need to pull up your socks and think of the opportunities be it Data Science,Block Chain and or Cloud technologies , Web Skills are still in Demand and they are icing on the cake if you are an Data Scientist and know of some Web Skills its a big plus in getting a job done, Same goes for a Web guy with some front end and Backend Skills.

The Distributed economy is at play and so is the economy of scale if the worker is not able to travel to the coutry of origin for Job take the job to the workers home or coutry to be executed, its not only the old principle of economy of scale at work here its about the Skilled Worked who has come of age and can work from anywhere and at anytime he likes.

So to end yes there are opportunities galore more than the number of Days in the year its just that you need to decide what you enjoy doing the most and work towards it and in this Knowledge economy the skills which work out the best for the business interest will prevail.